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Amy West Design Exhibition & Artist Talk at Joanna Bird Gallery November 13 2019

Amy West Design Exhibition and Artist Talk
at Joanna Bird Gallery November 13th

London, England -- The 25th Anniversary Exhibition at Joanna Bird Gallery will include glass artist Amy West as a featured guest at The Art, Form and Function Talks. Her specialty is handcrafted bespoke glass created with passion in Murano, Italy and she will give insight into Venetian glass jewellery making. Joanna Bird is known for showing quality work from international contemporary ceramics, glass and conceptual artists with groundbreaking work:

The event is in association with the Joanna Bird Foundation, press requests and VIP attendees please RSVP via email:

Amy West specializes in the traditional engraving and carving of Murano glass, Amy brings a contemporary touch to a traditional craft. Working hot glass at the torch allows her to bring her own contemporary expression and sensibilities to the form, color and light of her glass beads, rings and necklaces. The more familiar glass becomes as a medium, the more it reveals its possibilities in design, lighting and technique innovation. More info online:

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